A ‘Cerealously’ Cute Valentine’s Day DIY – FREE PRINTABLE

written by Honey Lemon Events February 13, 2017

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. Some might brush it off as just another way for retailers to make more money off of us poor suckers, but we’re okay with that. Chocolates, flowers, diamonds … send them our way! 😉

Our love for Valentine’s Day stemmed from elementary school when every student received 30-ish cute little cards, some with Spider-Man/Mickey Mouse/Sailor Moon, some that were hand-made (our favourite), and some that came with goodies (close second).

We came up with this easy, peasy Valentine’s Day DIY  that combined the best of both worlds – hand-made (ish) AND goodies. And it’s cerealously so cute (sorry, couldn’t resist!).

All you need is: cute wooden spoons, mini cereal boxes, some washi tape and a printer.

Print out the Valentine’s Day sleeves – there are three to a sheet – and cut them along the dotted line. Then simply wrap them around the cereal box, use some washi tape to keep it securely AND cutely in place, and then tape a spoon to the side. That’s it!

How cute would these be for your kid’s classmates? Your co-workers? Or even your Galentines!

Download your free Valentine’s Day printable here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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