DIY – Eid Moon Piñata

written by Honey Lemon Events June 22, 2017


Looking to do a fun last minute DIY with your kids?

Spruce up your Eid party?

Impress all your guests?

Did you answer yes to one or all of the questions above?

Then you need to check out this awesome DIY tutorial where we learned how to make a pretty suh-weet moon piñata from the piñata queen herself, Michelle Laratta of Big Ass Piñatas.  And if you make it with silver streamers like we did, you can totally match the rest of the #HAPPYEID collection 😉

Here’s what you need:

  • X-ACTO knife
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue (and hot glue gun – not pictured)
  • Glue stick
  • Streamers, cut into strips, then fringed (Michelle hooked us up with some amazing metallic silver streamers, but really – any colour could work)
  • Two pieces of cardboard – cut in crescent shapes
  • Two long pieces of cardboard to make the moon 3D (not pictured here either, but will make sense soon)
  • One zip-tie (not pictured)

Once you’ve cut your moon shapes out of the cardboard, then take one of your two strips of cardboard and hot glue them to one side of the moon.

Note: if you’re making this piñata to break it (in true piñata fashion) then use masking tape to hold the pieces together. Michelle told us that this will make the piñata less secure and easier to smash!

After you’ve glued or taped the one side up, it’s time to secure the top so you can hang the piñata. Make two small holes on the top, add another small piece of cardboard ‘inside’ the moon and loop the zip tie through. Now that it’s secure, and you’ve taped/glued the other side on, simply start dressing it up with steamers! Start from the bottom and work your way up.

Once you finish one side, finish up the other sides in the exact same manner. For the middle, you can either paint it silver (or whatever colour you wish) or just use whole strips of streamers to cover it.

Our memory card corrupted/stopped working after this point so we don’t have any good pics of the full piñata – and didn’t realize it until AFTER we dropped it off at it’s current home – GAH – but it’s pretty awesome!

We’ll be sure to take some this weekend at The Date Palm, where it’s currently hanging! Or you can come see for yourself when you come to the Salaam Eid party on Saturday, June 24 (shameless plug).

But here’s a picture of the lovely Michelle holding the semi-finished piñata in her studio – and yes that’s our lemon wedge piñata from our very first styled shoot!

Stay tuned for a few more blog posts before Eid!


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